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Simply45 - ProSeries RJ45 Pass Through Product Line

Simply45 the industry-leading brand for RJ45 modular plug innovation and performance solutions is proud to introduce our ProSeries Pass Through RJ45 product line (patent pending). The Simply45 ProSeries have the most innovative and ground-breaking improvements to RJ45 design and performance since the introduction of the original pass through RJ45.

The Simply45 ProSeries Pass Through RJ45 modular plugs are specially designed to provide greater electrical conductivity, improved cross talk performance, and the best PoE/PoH performance of any pass-through RJ45; all critical to supporting today’s LAN cable applications. Our ProSeries Pass Through RJ45 is available for both unshielded and shielded LAN cable terminations. Key patent-pending Simply45 ProSeries features include:

Introducing Cap45
Cap45 is an isolation cap/bar that snaps onto the front of the pass-through RJ45 plug after termination covering the exposed wires ends. Cap45 prevents electrical shorting in the RJ45 mod socket due to improperly trimmed wire ends touching the socket walls.

BarS45 for Easier 10G LAN Cable Terminations
Up until now, using an RJ45 mod plug to terminate shielded 10G LAN cables such as Cat7a/7/6a was time-consuming, frustrating, and if you ever put a Fluke test on the termination, the results were not exactly stellar. Of course, you could use an industrial style RJ45 Field Plug connector, but those are expensive and still require more effort than they should.

For more information visit the webpage Simply45™ ProSeries RJ45 Pass Through

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? RJ45 Simply45-tule tbv externe trekontlasting transparant dmax 8,5mmbruto prijs: € 51,44
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? RJ45 Simply45-ProSeries CAT6A/7/7A 10G STP AWG23 staggered d=8mm BX50bruto prijs: € 198,79
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