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BOSSCOM Denmark is internationally known as a manufacturer, importer and distributor of AV equipment to registered BOSSCOM retailers and distributors in more than 74 countries. Since the firm was established back in 1997, it has grown into the world’s second largest manufacturer of installations material for the Bang & Olufsen custom installation. Our production is today mainly situated in and out of Europe in different factories.

The name BOSSCOM represents reliability, quality and precision supported by the knowledge and experience of more than 13 years of research and development.

? Cable Socks
Self Closing Wrap
Cable Socks with Velcro
Cable Socks with Zip
Cable Socks
Cable Socks Cutter
? Cable Covers
Cable Cover Wall/Floor
Click n Slide for Desks
Fiber Optic HDMI
HDMI removable house
HDMI zelfmontage
? Powercord 230V
? AV Wall Plates
? Smart Terminal