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18Gbps distribution amplifier family

A true 18Gbps distribution amplifier family, these products are ideal for all applications where stable distribution is key. Full 18Gbps and HDR support ensure military-grade stability even at the highest bandwidth.

Complete with a built-in “cascade mode” that can be enabled for plug and play compatibility, these distribution amplifiers can be cascaded for extended distances and to add additional outputs. All three distribution amplifiers support all 4K formats. Utilize these products with confidence in your next bar, restaurant, digital signage, commercial or residential installation to see the difference.


The AC-DA28-AUHD is a LAN controlled, dual input, 8 output switchable distribution amplifier.
This unique product features two separate output zones and is able to handle 18Gbps video signals with HDR, HLG or Dolby Vision. The 8 output ports are broken into Zone A (outputs 1-4) and Zone B (outputs 5-8). Sending separate signals to the different zones allows clients to switch between the two inputs that are connected. This product can act as a 2x2 matrix switch and also features 4K > 1080p and 1080p > 4K scalers on every output.

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? HDMI Splitter 1x2 18G w/HDR & EDID Audio De-embedding downscalingbruto prijs: € 199,00
fabr. info:AVPro edge AC-DA12-AUHD-GEN2
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? HDMI Splitter 1x4 18G w/HDR & EDID Mgmt (Full HDR, 4K60 4:4:4)bruto prijs: € 290,00
fabr. info:AVPro edge AC-DA14-AUHD-GEN2
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? HDMI Splitter 1x8 18G w/HDR & EDID Mgmt, Audio De-embeddingbruto prijs: € 590,00
fabr. info:AVPro edge AC-DA18-AUHD-GEN2
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? HDMI Splitter 2x8 with Down Scaling Ethernet Control w/Dual Zonebruto prijs: € 805,00
fabr. info:AVPro edge AC-DA28-AUHD
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? HDMI Converter + splitter to 2x DisplayPort 18Gbpsbruto prijs: € 545,00
fabr. info:AVPro edge AC-CONVERT-HDDP
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